Consumer Engagement through customer matched giving offers is a form of customer engagement whereby companies create a customer matching gift program. Customer Matched Gifts is most often applied in response to natural disasters and holiday giving, is becoming more common as a way to engage customers and gain insight into customer values as a means to increase customer loyalty.

5 Tips for a Successful We Care Program as a Corporate Giving Strategy

5 Tips for a Successful We Care Program at Kendall Automotive Group   Kendall Automotive Group embodies everything we think of when we see or hear about a "We Care Program" as a Corporate Philanthropy strategy or part of a larger CSR program. Until recently, my only experience with auto dealers was as a customer either buying or servicing a car.  As a buyer, I find the process stressful, uncomfortable and expensive, or in the case of servicing a car, time consuming. What I didn’t know was how deeply they care about their employees and the communities where they do business and where their employees live and work.  My eyes have been opened here at GivingTrax where we help businesses manage & share their [...]


Canlis Restaurant’s Matching Gift Program Spurs Growth

Canlis Restaurant's Matching Gift Program Spurs Growth During Economic Downturn Like most restaurants, Canlis gives back - a lot!   And, they feel really good when they are able to support nonprofits in the surrounding areas by giving back, yet were overwhelmed at times by the sheer number of folks asking for donations.  They did not feel so good about having to say “no”, occasionally.    The problem was, as more & more folks became aware of their traditional restaurants giving back program, it became unsustainable.   Most of us would agree, restaurants receive far more than their fair share of donation requests. Mark Canlis says, “The problem is, restaurants bear the full burden of the entire donation and there is very little thankfulness [...]