Avalon Glassworks Turns Donation Requests into Sales & Brand Loyalty

Often, it seems like not a day goes by at Avalon Glassworks, a boutique glass blowing studio in Seattle that creates hand-made art and paperweights, without being approached for a donation.  Sound all too, familiar? Even though, Avalon Glassworks would like to support every donation request, it is simply not feasible.  How could they possibly support all these causes?  How could they find some way to give back and increase brand loyalty at the same time? Then owners Jon and Shannon Felix had an idea.  It all started a few years back at a fundraiser for the Museum of the North Beach, located in Moclips, WA, the most northwestern town one can reach in the continental United States. Jon and Shannon were invited to [...]


Doing Well by Doing Good… A Spotlight on Galpin Ford

Cars, Cause Marketing & Guerilla Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand, but Corporate Giving?? Galpin Ford is the number one volume Ford dealer in the world.  If you're wondering what their secret formula to success is? ….It is corporate giving;  giving back to the communities in which they serve. Galpin Motors started 60 years ago in one small showroom with three cars. It has grown into a powerhouse that includes…. get this, a Starbucks Coffee store and a restaurant along with lots of cars, trucks and SUVs. Bert Boeckmann was a student at USC when he began working in sales for Galpin. In the beginning he sold Nashes and took a liking to sales. Within six years he quickly became a manager and then bought the company [...]


Giving Back Fuels Growth Despite of Economic Downturn

"Giving Back Fuels Growth Despite of Economic Downturn" Upon arriving at work one Thursday morning early in the economic downturn, Erica Ash learned this was to be her last day.  Like so many firms, their company suddenly closed its doors. Little did Erica know she would be the founder of a new firm two days later… A chance appointment to update her Last Will & Testament just happened to be with a Start-Up Attorney.  His advice to Erica upon hearing her firm closed…why not start your own firm? From one ordinary office workday to the next, Ash Consulting opened its financial consulting doors.   That was in 2009, and since then, Ash Consulting has assisted numerous firms with interim accounting leadership and/or project support. From [...]


Brown & Brown Insurance of Tacoma Spooks it up by Giving Back

Brown & Brown Insurance in Tacoma knows how to do Halloween. From the moment their employees & customers step off the elevator into the spookway, they are entranced. What’s all the fuss about? This is Brown & Brown’s way of engaging employees in giving back. A fun day is in store as Brown & Brown kicks off their United Way workplace giving campaign, with haunting competitions, fundraising and ghoulish treats. Who wouldn't want to work here? President, Bev Losey, says giving back is in the organization’s DNA – inspiring the brown & Brown team to give back through employee giving, matching gifts and corporate philanthropy. Bev says community impact and philanthropy has directly impacted their growth. Brown & Brown Insurance has operated in Tacoma for several [...]


Corporate Giving can Engage your Employees and your Company Driving Productivity and Greater Earnings

Like spring, corporate giving programs have the ability to create new life and new energy.    Spring is also a time to re-energize and re-engage employees.   Launching a corporate giving program or revitalizing your current corporate giving program is a great way to accelerate the year. Here are some compelling examples of how corporate giving can engage your employees and your company: Giving Back Makes People Feel Good Do you feel better when you help others?  Let’s face it...  it does feel good to help others and when your employees help others through participating in a corporate giving program, it gives them a sense of purpose!  Giving back strengthens your employees view of your company and when your employees are happier as a [...]


12 Tips for Setting up a Monthly Giving Program

Monthly giving programs make it easier to measure donation amounts and they are great way to donors involved with your cause. Is your nonprofit trying to find ways to maintain a steady predictable amount of donations?  If so, it may be time to implement a monthly giving program.  A monthly giving program sets a structured amount for donors to give on a month-to-month basis. Monthly giving programs make it easier to measure donation amounts and they are great way to donors involved with your cause. To set up a monthly giving program for your nonprofit you need commitment from both your donors and your staff.  A giving program takes time to build and a dedicated staff to maintain it.  Your program will start slow, [...]


Compelling Reasons for Community Engagement

Evidence is showing that Corporate Community Engagement, or Community Involement (CCI) makes a measurable difference on both the internal and external functions of businesses including increasing revenues. Community Engagement & Corporate Community Involvement (CCI), or company efforts to support societal causes, is on the rise. A CR Magazine and NYSE-Euronext survey of over 300 companies, for example, found that 72 percent of respondents have CCI or other corporate responsibility programs and that 77 percent say these programs will expand over the next three years.  One reason for the popularity of CCI is that its business value is becoming increasingly evident. Evidence is showing that CCI makes a measurable difference on both internal and external business functions. Below are a few examples: 1.  Harvard Business School [...]


Alaska Airlines Gives 1.0 Million Frequent Flier Miles

Alaska Airlines is giving back 1 million miles to Make-A-Wish® Hawaii, to help grant the wishes of local children with life-threatening medical conditions. The airline also asked the community to help raise 1 million more miles. Alaska Airlines, a Seattle based company has supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation® since 1985 and provides air transportation that enables more than 350 children and their families to travel to their wish destination each year. Last night Alaska Airlines' board of directors and senior executives announced a new campaign in front of nearly 300 of Hawaii's government, tourism, business and community leaders attended the event, held at The Royal Hawaiian.  As part of the new partnership with the nonprofit,  Alaska Airlines will also donate 100 miles to Make-A-Wish for [...]


Corporate Giving Programs on the Rise

Corporate giving programs are being leveraged to engage employees, customers, and to improve the communities in which they conduct business. Corporate giving programs are still a large component of social responsibility strategies for businesses.   The roots of corporate giving go back to corporate philanthropy dating back to the era of the Rockefellers, Morgans and Carnegies.  And while writing checks does not substitute for actually “doing good” on social, environmental and corporate governance issues, it does provide much needed support for nonprofits across the country. Fast forward several years and now stakeholders of public companies are demanding more robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that move beyond creating a foundation or just doling out checks.  Why?  Companies who embed CSR strategies  in their core mission [...]