It is well documented that Employee Engagement improves the bottom line. But how does one engage employees and increase customer retention? In today’s world the average employee bounces from job to job. It is estimated that Millennials will change jobs 23 times during their working lifetime!  Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement has become a huge part of many businesses’ strategy to increasing customer retention, drive higher revenue and bigger returns.  But the question is,  how do you find, keep, and motivate employees to anticipate customer needs and go above and beyond for your customers?  Employees aren’t just there from 9-5.  They are your company’s primary brand ambassadors to both internal and external stakeholders.

Take businesses like Zappos and Southwest Airlines, both companies continue to delight loyal customers because they have invested in an employee culture that empowers, rewards, and educates employees – plus makes it fun for them to go to work.

Employee engagement is different for each company and the strategies used to cultivate one workforce may not work for another.  With that said,  every company should have a plan that fits their culture and mission.  For more and more companies, that equates to robust Corporate Social Responsibility,  Community Engagement and Social Impact initiatives that allow employees to feel that their work life has meaning in their community.  GivingTrax® allows businesses to engage their employees through Workplace Giving Campaigns and Matched Gift Programs, also known as employer-employee matched giving  allowing employees to support their favorite causes and gain better insight into their employer’s total social impact.  It is a win-win for both the business and their employees.

Employee Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility is not something your company can pay lip service too, but rather must become a part of your fundamental value system and ongoing strategy that helps build a productive and empowered workforce keeping both employees and customers satisfied.

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