Successful small business cause marketing campaigns require imagination, company involvement, and passion.   Implement these elements to skyrocket your next cause marketing campaign into a community-wide movement.  Cause marketing or cause-related marketing refers to a type of marketing that involves the cooperative efforts of a “for profit” business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit.  Traditional cause marketing campaigns can cost thousands of dollars  and are simply unfordable for small and medium sized businesses.   But, taking a cause marketing campaign social can help all businesses gain exposure without breaking the bank and allows you to reach hundreds of customers in a matter of hours.  An overwhelming 90% of consumers, that’s  more than 278 million people, in the U.S. want to know how the companies give back…sharing impact in real-time with a social cause marketing campaign is easy!

Make your next Cause Marketing campaign a huge success with these 7 tips:

TIP #1: Choose a Nonprofit Partner that is Active in your Community
Align your cause marketing campaign with your employee and customers values!  Who do they give too or volunteer for?  Also choose a nonprofit partner that is actively involved in Social Media.

TIP #2: Mission & Message
What is your mission or goal with your campaign.  Whether you want to give 10,000 kids new shoes or feed 500 families on Thanksgiving – keep it very narrow & super-focused.
Your messaging should backup your mission and be short, powerful, & rememberable.   Think in the Twitter mentality – 140 characters or less.

TIP #3: Create a Strong Theme
After you create your mission & messaging, it’s time for creative.  Creative should not be complex – work with your nonprofit partner and use images and video that support your mission and messaging.

TIP #4: Build your Audience First
If you build it, they will come?   – Maybe, but likely not.   Leverage your employees & customers and engage them in your company’s mission & messaging before you launch your cause marketing campaign.  If you are a consumer facing business, encourage both customers and employees to “like” your Facebook fan page, your LinkedIn page & “follow” your business on Twitter.

TIP #5: Start the Relationship
Small business relationships are established by helping employees & customers – so why not create a memorable experience for them and then invite them to tell their friends, family and share it on Facebook or Twitter. Take your personal relationship to the social level before you begin your campaign.

TIP #6: Energize & Engage your Supporters
Keep your employees, customers, fans, and followers engaged by asking them to vote, “like”, comment, and share!

TIP #7: Care as an individual & then work as a Community
If you’re personally invested in your business’ cause marketing campaign then your fellow employees, friends & family will spread your message and help support your campaign.  If you’re all marching in the same direction – magic happens!

Successful business cause marketing campaigns require imagination, company involvement, and passion.  Implement these elements to skyrocket your next cause marketing campaign into a community movement.